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Loch Laurel

I love these pictures of Loch Laurel.  I was there Saturday and it makes me realize how beautiful Georgia can be in the spring time. 


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Attack of the Killer Allergen

I feel like I need to sneeze.  Constantly.  My ears feel like I’m driving up the mountain.  I’ve got a bit of a cough. 

I didn’t feel like this earlier.  I took a claritin D this morning.  Then I went to run in the woods with Cristina.  It was REALLY pretty.  Totally worth it.  I just took some benadryl.  So if I pass out in the next five minutes, I’m sorry. 

Dang it.

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So, I had a bit of a ridiculous weekend, but I think I’ve got my head back on straight.  I got nine hours of sleep last night, I made it to school on time, I brushed my hair, and I actually have the right book for class in my possession.  I have no idea what page we are on or anything like that, but I am taking steps towards that by at least bringing the corresponding book to the corresponding class. 

Now I just need to clean up my room and my car.  I think that is on the agenda for Wednesday.  Oh, and I am going to start running again today. 

Also, while I am cleaning my room I think I am going to throw away all of my high heels.  I think I did permanent damage to my feet Saturday night.  Four inch heels are not cool.  But they are fun.  And they make me feel super tall and cute.  Okay, maybe I won’t throw them away.  Actually, I know I won’t throw them away because when I was on my way to east west for dinner there were two girls standing next to me when I was waiting to cross broad street, and one girl caught her breath and nudged her friend to look at my shoes in an admiring way.  Maybe the pain is worth it a couple of times a year. 

I went to the tennis match yesterday with Faris.  It was fun and sunny and pretty and good to be outside.  I love sporting events. 

I was pretty disappointed that Grey’s was a rerun last night.  I missed it last week, and I was looking forward to it this week.  In other television news – I’ve missed a couple of 24s and I need to catch up.  24 is a very demanding show.  I guess Lost is too – but I can always download lost episodes on iTunes.  Dang I love downloading tv shows on iTunes.  My poor little ipod is too old to handle the videos, but my laptop takes care of them quite well. 

I think I am going to have to get rid of netflix.  I haven’t been watching the movies I’ve rented.  I like watching movies when it is raining outside and cold, but once it gets pretty and warm, the movie watching is going to dramatically drop.  I can’t even keep up with tv shows.

American Idol is not a show I keep up with very well – but I found this link to Kelly Pickler’s prom dress amusing.    I’m really not trying to pick on the child – I think she is adorable -and  she is from middle of nowhere north carolina, lives with her grandparents, works at sonic,  and for all we know everyone at her school wore a dress like this – but I really do love heinous prom dresses.  It is almost worth buying a 17 magazine this month just to check out the ads for heinous prom dresses. 

Oh yeah, and my NCAA bracket is completely ruined.  Which is fine.  I’m pumped that LSU is in the final 4.  I love the SEC.  I’m very conference loyal.  I would even be happy if Florida was still in it.  We went to the games last Thursday at the Georgia game and watched LSU beat Duke.  It was fun.  We were sitting with a bunch of LSU fans who were really excited.  I did feel bad for JJ Reddick though.  His team didn’t really show up behind him.  What I thought was the weirdest thing, was that all the starters – all the players who played most of the game – on both teams – had at least 3 fouls, most of them 4.  Reddick had zero.  Is that weird?  Talk about playing clean. 

I have a couple of bones to pick with the law school. 

#1.  I hate room J.  First year, we had the majority of our classes in room J.  And the internet never worked right.  So that was two years ago.  And to this day, the internet does not work in room J.  I mean, I don’t know what the problem is with this room.  But since I have my most boring class ever in room J, I resent the fact that the internet doesn’t work.  I am a model law student. 

#2.  All of my classes are back to back.  And I resent the fact that all of my teachers are under the impression that their class is the only class currently being held at the law school.  And since their class is the only class, it doesn’t matter what time they let you out.  Or what time they start.  So they are completely justified in starting class at 10:27, and letting you out at 11:25.  So then when your class that is suppose to start at 11:30 starts at 11:28, and you got out of your previous class at 11:25, and they are on opposite sides of this fine institute of academia, it sucks.  Allison says that no one else has a problem with this, and maybe it is all in my head, but it is annoying.  I mean, we are suppose to have ten minutes, which should be enough time to go to your locker or whatever (run to the main library to get a snack, print out your homework, eat lunch, try to find a snickers bar in the vending machine, etc).  But my ten minutes is not the law school’s ten minutes. 

I apologize for the length of this post, but I wrote most of it before this super boring class, and since the internet is not working, I am bored.  I would rather write random thoughts than take notes. 

On Saturday night, at law prom, they put a huge stamp on our hands that said PAID.  I was laughing about how I hoped I woke up on Sunday, having slept with my hand under my cheek, with the word PAID backwards on my face.  While I was laughing about this, I demonstrated how my hand would be on my face while I slept in order for this to happen.  And guess what.  I ended up with a blue backwards PAID on my face.  I’m pretty classy.  Someone got it off my face, either Christy or Cristina, which was sweet of them. 


I am now in the ‘brary, where the internet is working.  There are millions of people here today.  There was no where to sit in the upstairs of the annex.  Which makes me sad.  But I just wanted to let y’all know that in my last class, where the internet wasn’t working, and I was complaining how bored I was, I got called on.  Of course.  Luckily Allison and Stancil sit next to me and they helped me out.  I still sounded like moron, but hopefully he won’t call on me again for a while. 

I am now going to go focus and work on my Building and Maintaining a Law Practice project.

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