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Ice Melts When if Gets Hot

The title of my post is a quote from the pilot episode of JAG which I watched monday afternoon.  I’d never seen an episode of JAG.  The first season came out in 1995.  Let me tell you about these special effects.  They are awesome.  So believable. 

What I think is so hilarious is that these JAG lawyers are the investigators.  Awesome.  The first episode was on a carrier and the second was on a submarine.  The episode I’m watching right now – the JAG lawyer just punched a marine in the face. 

It is really hot outside.  REALLY REALLY HOT.  Ice is melting.  I am melting.  Actually – as it turns out – the whole country is melting. 

It is too hot for Bella to stay outside for very long.  Me too. 

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