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Pieces of me

I’m cleaning my room.  I wonder how many years of my life have been consumed with cleaning my room.  And yet my room is always messy.  How can this be?  Sometimes I want to throw it all away.  But when it comes down to it I have a hard time throwing it all away. 

This is interesting because I’m cleaning my room in my parents house – and there is crap in these drawers that go back decades.  Last week I went through all the closets and the medicine cabinet in my bathroom and threw away anything that was more than a year old.  So – basically I threw away everything. 

How do y’all feel about throwing away cd jewel cases?  I have about three hundred thousand of these suckers – and very few of them contain the corresponding cd.  But I feel bad throwing them away.  Like – I might want them sometime.  RRRRRRIIIIIGGGHHHT.  I’m throwing them away.  I’m throwing it all away.  Wish me luck. 

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