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Hey kids.  I know I’ve been sort of MIA – and I apologize.  But unfortunately it is going to get worse before it gets better.  For tomorrow I leave for the first of my post bar travels.  I haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about my trips, which is sad because I am traveling a few places I’ve never been and I love advice on things not to miss.  Maybe the internet will work where I’m going.  Who knows. 

Tomorrow I am going to Blue Hill Maine with my mom.  Neither of us have ever been to Maine, so we are excited.  It is somewhere on the coast – we are flying into Bangor – and from there I’m not real sure.  Some friends have rented an big old farmhouse and we are going with a group of my mom’s friends and their daughters.  The daughters are all old enough that I didn’t go to high school with them and only know them in passing at best, even though I would have known them well if we had been closer in age.  I’m excited – I think it is going to be tons of fun.   We come home from Maine on Saturday. 

A week from tomorrow my parents and I are going to Montreal.  From Montreal we are renting a car and driving to Saratoga Springs, NY on Thursday.  I have never been to Canada or upstate New York.  Our trip to Saratoga is for the purpose of attending the Travers Stakes.   I love horse races.  My brother and his girlfriend are going to meet us in Saratoga Springs, along with a few of my friends from the City.  The Stakes are Saturday, but I anticipate being at the track on Friday and Saturday. 

Sunday I am flying out of Albany early in the morning and going to Denver for a Grand Lake Lodge Reunion, and will spend the whole week, until labor day, basking in the glow of the rockies.  I will be in the place where the sun always shines unless it is raining or snowing, where the beer flows like wine, and the elk play chicken in the street with pick up trucks.  Where the Rope is only two swerves and a curve from everywhere, and the never summer mountains await.   

All I can say is – Get ready. 

Oh – and did I tell you I got a job?  I start the Monday after labor day.  And I’m 90% sure I found somewhere to live that I’m super pumped about. 

See?  And you were worried I might not be able to get my life together.   Under. Control.

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