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Cupcake’s Wedding

So, our little pink frosted cupcake got married.  Sniff.  It was very emotional – as she is so young and fresh.  Jennifer and I were lucky enough to be bridesmaids – and we all feel very good about the hot, tall, seemingly entertaining navy dentist to be that she snagged. 

I always like pictures of me the best if they include my best friends.  I think I look happier.  And happier = prettier.  But then of course – I’m vain.  Want to see some pictures?

Cods_angelsCod’s Angels. 


GangsterSometimes I like to pretend like me and my friends are in a gang.  My friends don’t pretend the same thing. 



Big times in the car. 


Mary Beth was too busy being the bride – so we took a picture with her portrait. 



These are my favorite friends.  All in one place.  YAY!


We are so fun. 


Okay kids.  I’m going to pack.  Miss y’all. 

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