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I’m still alive

Barely.  Last week was a blur of golf balls, azaleas (the flower and the drink), good friends, old friends, tea olives, dogwoods, green jackets, pollen, sandwiches in little green bags, and snickers. 

The week started out downright hot, and was absolutely FREEZING by saturday.  I wore long underwear and gloves on saturday.  And it is still cold today.  But not as cold.  The weather was perfect the whole week but saturday. 

And I am tired and worn out and overwhelmed and over socialized.  I still have a cold from before the week started, and I think I’m passed the point of being able to blame it exclusively on pollen.  I’m thinking about locking myself in my house with some hot tea and dvds of northern exposure until thurday.  But my house looks like a bomb of sweaters and bath towels, laundry, liquor drink cups  and beer cans exploded.  So maybe I’ll clean that up before I lock the door.  MAY-BE.   

Life is so tough sometimes. 

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