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I’m not normally real concerned with celebrities – but I really like Will Ferrell.  I was about to black out.  This picture was from the country club on friday afternoon.  I sort of felt bad that he was getting mobbed – but you don’t finish a round of golf on friday afternoon of the masters at the augusta country club unless you really don’t mind getting mobbed.  And if you want to blend in you don’t have an orange fro hairdo either.   Or space glasses.  I’m in love with him. 

Will was also out at the tournament on saturday and sunday.  Travers and Cash happened to be standing next to him while watching a little golf – and a golf ball rolled by.  Here is the conversation:

Will:  Whose ball is that?

Travers:  Sandy Lyles I think. 

Will:  Didn’t he win the Masters a couple of years ago?

Cash:  If by a couple  of years you mean fifteen, then, yeah.   

Travers and Cash are my heros. 

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