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THe Orvis Dog Book

Orvis stores are fun.  Expensive, but fun.  My favorite part of the Orvis line are the products they offer to the four legged furry animals who often think they are human. Orvis thinks they might be part human too. 

You can get your dog a memory foam dog bedOr a memory foam lounger.  I want a memory foam mattress on my own bed, and until I get one, Briscoe will not be afforded such a luxury.  But looking through the dog catalog made me wish I was terribly rich and could shower my dog with all the best stuff.  Like the dog blanket that is perfect for protecting your beautiful leather couch.  Or the platform dog bed that lets your dog sleep right next to you in their own bed, so you can still be close without being crowded.

Actually, the more I think about – instead of being rich and being able to buy my dog the very best, I think I would like to be the dog of someone very rich who would buy me the very best.  I’m a great companion.  Very loyal.  Friendly.  Maybe in my next life. 

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