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Wedding Gifts

I like to buy people old books for gifts.  Part of it is that I like to look at old books in old bookstores, and on Ebay.  Part of it is that I love books in general.  Part of it is the idea that I can find a book with some sort of meaning or personal thought behind it and feel my gift was unique.  I use old books as decoration, and I like to buy books that are pretty. For example, I gave Ashley and Otis an old copy of Gone with the Wind for their wedding.  Ashley is from Oklahoma, and Otis is from Marietta.  Gone with the Wind has a great deal of the history of Atlanta and Marietta in the pages and Ashley has never read it before, and it was a book she and I have discussed in the past.   

But sometimes I worry that I’m doing that thing where I’m giving people a gift I would want to receive – as opposed to giving them a gift that they would want to receive. 

Anyone got an opinion?  Sometimes it is a cheaper option, but it definitely takes more time and effort than buying off the registry.  But you never know, some people don’t want a musty old book that someone else picked out.  Maybe I’m just weird. 

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