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The roof in the building where I work leaks.  After a serious struggle, construction has begun to replace the roof and install new , efficient windows.  I work on the 9th floor of said building.  Construction started today.  It is loud.  But not too loud.  Only loud enough for me to know it has begun and that it is going to get worse before it gets better.  I have three big windows in my office that overlook the edge of town.  I can see miles and miles of trees, and the only blight on my view is a far away factory smokestake.  In the last week I have noticed a hawk circling in and out of my view. 

When it is pretty outside, the blue sky and green trees are very soothing.  Today the sky is hazy, not exactly what you could call cloudy, but the sort of haze that on first glance you think might indicate clouds, but the longer you look the more you realize that the glare is too bright for clouds and it must be haze. 

The IT department here at work felt the need to redo our computer accounts, and in the move from the old account to the new account the the common file drive I share with my little group of colleagues has been lost.  IT assures us that it has not been deleted.  But it has been inaccessible to us all morning.  Every single one of my word documents are on that drive.  I need that drive.  I have been unable to be of much use this morning without access to that drive. 

So instead I have been watching the temperature and heat index rise on weather.com.  The forecast says it is going to be 102 today, with a heat index of 110.  Right now it is 94 degrees with a heat index of 100 degrees.  The high for yesterday was suppose to be 101, and my car said it got that hot, as did the bank sign.  Tomorrow the high is 100 degrees.  I spoke with Betsy yesterday and she was driving through Macon, she said her car said it was 104. 

I know it gets a lot hotter than 102 in other parts of the country, but I’ve been told that there is something called a "dry heat."  The heat around here is heavy, and damp and sticky.  Honestly, I don’t mind the heat too terribly most of the time, but when we have summer heat waves, sometimes I really think I might melt. 

Take care of your pets and don’t leave them outside in this heat!   

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