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I’m tired

The dogs woke me up early this morning.  So I got out of bed and made some coffee and layed on the couch and watched a bear documentary in high def.  The dogs chewed on various toys.  Since I work at the courthouse – there aren’t a lot of good reasons to get to work before 9, no one is there.  I enjoyed my morning.  I haven’t had cable in over a year so I’m really having fun watching all the random shows that come on all the random channels I’ve never even heard of before. 

After the bear documentary I checked out our dvr recordings.  Because Elizabeth loves The Hills – and we were watching TV on sunday – the DVR was programmed to record this overly dramatic show about kids with too much money and hair products.  AKA – a popular guilty pleasure. 

I can say that it is addicting.  I can also say that this Spencer guy seems like a robot – I keep waiting for his battery to run out or his hard drive to skip or him to short circuit in some way.  Spencer and Heidi went to Colorado to meet Heidi’s family.  Watching colorado in high def made me really upset that I haven’t been out there this summer.  It also made me think – What kind of people live in a mountain town and decide to name their child Heidi?  It’s like living in Missouri and naming your kid Huckleberry.  Or in the ATL and naming your kid Scarlett.  Seriously.  But her family seemed grounded and normal enough, and they seemed less than impressed with Heidi. 

Meanwhile, the kids back in Malibu or where ev – they are ridiculous.  That is basically all I have to say about it. 

Also, I’ve been catching up on Entourage.  Umm, does anyone else think that Vince has gotten fat?  I hate to say that – but I feel like Turtle has lost weight and Vince has gotten fat.  The house they live in is really pretty on the high def big screen. 

AHHHH – and Britt said that Ross has a nitendo Wii!  I’m so excited.  I want the harry potter game where the controller is your wand and you can cast spells. 

I just finished re-reading the last harry potter and it all makes a lot more sense.  I’m still not clear on a few things, but I enjoyed the rereading and I cried at the end.  Sniff. 

I still have some things to move from my old house to my new house and I’m totally dreading it. 

A lady yelled at me when I walked past the law library this morning because I couldn’t help her find what she was looking for.  I’m not allowed, it is the law.  But still, I hate being unhelpful. 

I woke up too early.  I’m tired. 

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