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Good Thing I like Country Music

So, I think I told y’all that they are doing construction on the building where I work.  Right now there is a scaffold outside my window – like the kind they used to wash windows on tall buildings – they are hanging from the top of the building.  There are two men on the moving scaffold, and they are BLARING the local country music station.  It is just as loud as it would be if it was on my desk in my office. 

Now they are dropping down the building and the music is getting fainter.  But Shania is still singing her heart out. 

All I can say is that singing is better than banging.  I just wish they would change the station during the commercials.

Update:  I thought County was vaguely annoying.  Now we are listening to classic rock, and they are back up by my window, it is so loud.  I have been subjected to ten minutes of Free Bird, then a bunch of commercials involving the sanford and son jingle, and now I’m listening to Saturday Night – I’m not sure who sings it – but it goes – SATURDAY! SATURDAY!  SAAAATTTTUUUURRRDDDAAAY!!!  SATURDAY!  SATURDAY NIGHT! over and over again.  My head hurts.  I’m going to hurt someone.  I’ve also been subjected to Brown Eyed Girl – which was accompanied by the guys on the scaffold.  They like to sing along. 

OH NO!  Now we are listening to Black Dog by Led Zeppelin – HEY HEY MAMA SAID THE WAY YOU MOVE!  And they are singing along!

Obviously these songs have a place in the world, but not in my office at noon, on full blast. 

I hate this radio station.  Bad to the Bone?  Seriously? 

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