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Complements of F. James:

Football is a dangerous sport.  Even on playstation.   

Apparently, two men were playing playstation football and the game got so heated one man stabbed the other man.  Guess which two teams they were "coaching?"  Tennessee and Auburn.  And this wasn’t like a steak knife to the thigh stabbing.  This was a butcher knife to the back stabbing.  A punctured lung, airlifted, emergency surgery kind of stabbing.  Read the whole story here

Complements of JL Blanchard:

Why are Tennessee’s colors orange?

So they can wear orange to the game on saturday, hunting on sunday, and to pick up trash on the highway on monday.

In other news, Bella has fallen in love with a deer.  A dead deer.  A deer that has been dead for a long time.  I’m worried she is going to get her heart broken.   My parents took down the mounted deer head that has been hanging on the wall in my brother’s room for years.  They had plans to take it to the river house.  But before they took it to the river they set it downstairs on floor on the back porch.
And Bella adopted it.  Seriously.  She won’t let Bo near it – tries to eat him alive if he gets too close.  She sniffs and licks all over the deer every time we let her out of the kitchen and she has started taking naps next to it.  I mean, if we would let her, she would never be more than two feet away from the deer.  Also, apparently she doesn’t appreciate the fact that the deer ignores her – so she will occasionally bark at him.  We have decided to name him Blitzen.  Bella and Blitzen, sitting in a tree.  I’ve never seen such in my life.  Our dog has problems.  Shocker. I’ll try to take a picture of her and post it because it is really hilarious. 

P.S.  Crazy dreams again last night.  I’m going to blame it on the impending full moon. 

Tonight Elizabeth and I are going to try out a new exercise.  Boot Camp.  Sounds like a blast, huh? We are on a serious exercise kick.  I’m going to start swimming when it gets colder and dark.  Yay endorphines. 

Oh, and I really love my video iPod.  And I hate mosquitoes and roaches. 

Who is coming to play with me on north campus Saturday?  I’ll be the girl with the big clock around her neck.  Let me know where to find you.   

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