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Tpd I just got finished reading Through Painted Deserts – Light, God and Beauty on the Open Road,  by Donald Miller.  I loved it.  Thought it was amazing.  I’ve read Miller’s other books, Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What.  I think he is a gifted writer who speaks to his audience in a sincere voice that has a tone of understanding.  He is honest about the difficulties of religion and the world at large.  He is the kind of author that when you finish reading his book you wish he was a personal friend.  I don’t feel like that terribly often.  I like to give his books away as gifts.  I can never find my copy of his books cause I have a tendency to loan them out and never get them back.  Shocker. Through Painted Deserts is the story of him and his friend traveling across the country in a VW bus.  Hilarious, thoughtful, and endearing. 

Sad I have been listening to Amos Lee’s new album – Supply and Demand.  I like Amos Lee a lot.  I was first introduced to his music by Betsy – who tried to make me listen to him for a long time before I finally stopped being stubborn and realized that he is awesome.  I prefer his more upbeat songs, but a couple of his slower songs are great as well.  Betsy really likes Southern Girl – which I also support.  I think my favorite song is Sympathize.  There are a couple of songs available on Myspace – HERE.

La OHH, and my friends Charles and David have started a band called Lady Antebellum, and I was listening to their new music on myspace and I am impressed.  These boys are so talented and sweet and awesome, I’m really proud of them for chasing their dreams.  I don’t think they have an album out yet – but they have quite a few songs available on myspace.  They have my stamp of approval.    Go LISTEN.

The only other thing I’m worried about today is what kind of halloween cookies I want to make.  Sugar cookies of course, but what shape?  Punkins?  I’m thinking Punkins.  Dipped orange with green butter cream icing stems.  GAH.  Decisions are so tough, cause, ghosts can be so cute too.  Or should I make cupcakes?  Cookies are probably easier to transport.  Hmmmm…..

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