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Happy Columbus Day!

So it was a heartbreaker of a weekend.  I can honestly say I had a fabulous time friday night and all day on saturday.  It was so great to see all of my friends – although it was very crazy and I didn’t get to spend as much one on one time with a lot of people.  I have a problem with my attention span sometimes – and I have a hard time keeping up with more than two or three people on days like saturday – in the same way I have a hard time keeping up with more than a couple of people at big parties.  I know this probably means I’m self absorbed and what ev – but I am very good at keeping up with the two or three people I am committed to at the time.  I just get overwhelmed. 

I had a 20 year old hit on me at the bar after the game.  His fake id said he was born in 1983.  His real id said he was born in 1986.  Wow.  I told him I was flattered, but that I didn’t understand why he was talking to me when there are a million 19 year olds in town and I’m obviously entirely too old for him.  He told me he always liked older girls and that he had always had a thing for his baby sitters when he was younger.  WOW.  Jennifer and I were so fascinated by his line of reasoning we asked him a lot of questions.  It was enlightening and very frightening all at the same time. 

I didn’t have to go to work today, because I have a sweet, sweet job.  So I have been enjoying a personal day.  My allergies are being annoying and I have aggrevated one of the joints in my foot so I decided to take this opportunity to be a couple waste of space.  Christy, Allison and Cristina were sweet enough to send me cupcakes – so I’ve spent the day eating cupcakes and watching tv on dvd.  I went to sleep at 10:30 last night and woke up at 11:30 this morning.  As my mom would say – You must have really needed the sleep! 

I’m finally starting to feel settled.  This past weekend was lots of fun, but very little drama, and I hadn’t realized how badly I needed a drama free weekend.  Not that I live that exciting of a life – but the past couple of months have been rather tumultous – in my work life, my social life, and the imaginary world I create in my head.  And it is nice to calm down. 

In other news – Daddy tried to put Blitzen the deer in the car to take it to the river and bella flipped out.  So they brought him back inside.  Then Mama had to put Blitzen on the front porch and Bella layed right at the front door all day.  Geeze. 

Oh, and complements of Jennifer – I’m going to need you to go to this link – and read #9 on the top of page 2.  Kisses. 

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