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I know y’all get tired of hearing about my dreams, but last night’s dreams were spectacular – food, beer, football, and boats.   

Last night I dreamed that it was the UGA-LSU game (UGA doesn’t play LSU this year – but my subconscious is not concerned with that minor detail).  And for some reason I was on the field.  I don’t think I was a player, but I was on the field. 

And at half time I left the field and went inside.  When I came back out on the field, there were these huge balls of tinfoil (aluminum, what ev) full of low country boil, aka frogmore stew, Beaufort stew.  And I stopped someone on the field and I asked them how these huge piles of shrimp, corn, and new potatoes arrived on the field.  The person responded casually, Oh, a truck dropped them there at half time. 

I want to be clear about how big these piles of aluminum and yumminess were.  At least five or six feet tall.  HUGE.  They were like aluminum eggs full of low country boil.  Of course, you don’t cook low country boil in aluminum – or at least I never have.  But my subconscious isn’t concerned about that either.  And I love this stuff.  LOVE IT. 

Of course I can’t help it, I’m starving in my dream, so I go over and start eating shrimp off the pile.  They were the best shrimp I’ve ever tasted in my life.  The potatoes could have used a little pepper, they were a touch bland, but the shrimp were amazing. 

Keep in mind there is a football game going on during all of this.   Eventually I had to stop eating the shrimp and corn and potatoes because I got really full and I started to get nervous about the shrimp baking out in the hot sun for too long.  I don’t remember who won the game. 

My other dream last night involved a sailboat.  I wasn’t suppose to be on the sailboat, there were too many people for the race on the boat, we were going to make it too slow, in addition to the fact that I don’t know how to sail. At first I was really worried I was going to mess everything up.  But then they stopped off at a marina with a bar and let a couple of us get out.  It was like – sit here till we get back – oh yeah – they sell beer in there.  Libby was in this dream, and she was suppose to one of the people who stayed on the boat, but she really wanted to sit on the dock and drink beer with us (I don’t remember who "us" was), so we went through one of those – I don’t care, I’ll ride in the boat, no really, I don’t mind staying on the dock exchanges.  I think we both ended up on the dock but I don’t quite remember exactly. 

Too bad I can’t tell y’all all the juicy details of my real life.

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