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Dang it.

I had an awesome post I wrote this morning – all about how my house is a wreck and my dog is dirty and the key to my car is broken (I have one key that works to unlock the car, and one key that will crank it up, but the one that cranks doesn’t unlock and the one that unlocks doesn’t crank, etc) but how my hair was clean and my nails are painted and my coffee was hot.  Oh, and how I like the singer Sara Bareilles. 

It even had cute pictures of me and Briscoe.  And I deleted it.  Because I’m an idiot. 

Sad.  I’m going to post the pictures in the morning. 

For now, I’m going to dinner with Caleb and Faris.  Yay mexican.  Yay Thursday night.  I feel like this week has lasted forever. 

Oh, and I’m experimenting with a new cookie recipe, get excited. 

I can’t remember the rest of the post.  GAH. 

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