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Daily Hazards

Have you ever pulled out your pack of gum and realized you were all out?  And been really upset because you really needed/wanted/had to have a piece?  And you are driving down the road, and you start digging through your pocketbook, for your phone or something – and you find a piece of gum that fell out of the pack and got separated from his friends but is otherwise, still intact in his little paper wrapping?

You are so excited!  Yes!  This is what you were looking for!  Hooray!

Because you are driving you can’t take too close a look at the gum,  and so you pop it in your mouth and start chewing. 

But, something is sort of wrong.  Your gum has a little more, texture, than usual.  Little bit of grit.  Your gum is a little too crunchy.  Like, maybe it had some dirt on it.  Or, sand.  So you spit it out. 

Has this ever happened to you?


Me neither. 

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