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Zaxbys is my homeboy

I woke up this morning feeling like I had the flu.  My arms and legs ached, my head hurt, my throat was sore, and I was coughing. 

But then I realized that my body was sore because I ran yesterday and the day before and I’m out of shape. 

My cold symptoms were simply allergies that I was being dramatic about. 

And I would, in fact, still have to get up and go to work today.  And that I am, of course, a hypochondriac. 

But in other news, little Briscoe is actually sick.  It is so sad, I can’t explain to her why she doesn’t feel good, and I have to make her take this medicine that she hates and she runs away from me.

The temperature has been dropping all day long.  Brrr.

I’m going to a young lawyers happy hour in the next little bit of my life.  It is at this bar we used to sneak into when we were in high school, that shut down when I was probably a sophomore in college, and just opened back up like six months ago.  The bar is almost on the property of my high school, in the shadows of the football stadium.  I’m pretty excited.  I haven’t been back since it reopened, and I’m expected a lot of excitement over lost glory days from a majority of the crowd. 

Also, I ordered a dress in the mail that came in yesterday that I am totally and completely obsessed with.  LOVE IT.  Happiness is clothes that make you feel good.   

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