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She was a real hit at our birthday party with this little number.  I’m so proud that she is now big time enough to do it on television – (I can’t make it be embedded, so you have to actually follow the link) –

Paige’s Soulja Boy. 

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I have two long coats, two fleeces and a jacket in the back seat of my car. 

Which is really important since it is 80 degrees outside. 

Hippies in Athens are conserving water by not taking showers.  Wait, is that the new excuse?

I’ve been watching a lot of Country Music Television.  My ipod is broke and I’ve been turning on the tv in the morning while I’m getting ready.  They play the same 15 videos over and over again.  I get to watch Garth take a shower every day while I drink my coffee.  Almost makes me feel like I took a shower myself.  But I’m conserving water. 

Speaking of water, it is suppose to rain here tomorrow.  HOORAY! 

I had a great run yesterday.  I think I’m going to run again today.  I’m pretty excited about it since I’ve been so lazy recently.   

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