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The Darkness Creeps in

I hate it when the time changes in the fall.  I love daylight savings.  It doesn’t make me feel better that I have another hour to sleep in the morning and it doesn’t make me feel better that it is lighter when I do finally have to get up.  It just makes me feel like when I get home from work it is time to eat dinner and go to sleep.  In addition to it being dark, it also gets cold.  The only plus to these two terrible occurrences is the fact that it is now appropriate to build a fire.  I love fires. 

According to the Onion, Fall has been canceled this year. 

Briscoe had a bath last night.  She is really excited  because she is going to get to see her best friend Clemmie this weekend.

Look at how cute she was on Halloween (pictures I thought I posted yesterday that really I deleted).


Oh, and I’ve already chipped a nail.  Of course.  And my hair isn’t clean anymore.  And I already drank all my coffee.   


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