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Natural Resources

I love my natural resources class, I just wish we could have class outside, because it is so pretty. But instead we are in a windowless room in the basement of the law school. We are talking about the gray wolf.

I parked my car on the top of the deck this morning because she wanted to lay out in the sun. The foggy, rainy weather has been affecting her mood, and she was excited that it was pretty this morning.

Easter candy available at a store near you. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs. This is fun.

Easter is not the Sunday of the Masters this year like it was last year. I’m a little worried about the flowers in Augusta, if the weather stays warm from now until then, all the flowers are going to bloom too early and Augusta won’t be as pretty as it should be for when the world comes to visit. Of course the flowers on the course will be beautiful, because the people at the National know how to make the flowers bloom at the right time. But I want to see the whole town in bloom, and if it doesn’t bloom the week of the Masters, I will miss it because I will be in Athens.

I have on flip flops today. Which is really awesome. But you know how when you haven’t worn your rainbows for a while, or any other leather flip flops, how they aren’t as comfortable as they were the last time you wore then and it takes a little while to break them back in? This is what I am experiencing this morning. A small price to pay for getting to wear flip flops in February.

My evidence class this morning was out of control. Carlson dressed up like a strip club owner, with a huge wig, and his shirt unbuttoned with gold chains and heroin streaks down his arm. It was sweet. I love that class.

We had medical malpractice last night, and I think that is going to be a great class. I just hope I didn’t talk too much yesterday – if you are in that class, I apologize, I get bored if I can’t talk to someone, and the teacher works just as well as the guy sitting next to me.

Go outside! Smell the Japanese Magnolias if you live in the South!!!

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