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I am beyond grossed out by this. I mean, please, someone wake me up and promise me that Nowhere bar didn’t score better than The Last Resort, and that 283 and The Basil Press don’t have the same low score…….I might throw up in my mouth. Oh, and remind me never to eat at Wild Wing ever again. I don’t think I can even drink their draft beer anymore…..

But high five to Huddle House, Our Daily Bread Noon Kitchen (the soup kitchen), Mexicali, and Club 346, not what I would have expected….

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I was reading Betsy’s post about dreams, and Energy Spatula’s post today on dreams, and my dream came flooding back to me. Now, this is a rather disturbing dream, but bear with me.

I am at some sort of sporting event, like a football stadium, but I am outside the stadium, and I am looking down on the road that runs by the stadium. And there is a lot of traffic, and the road is very close to the stadium, not very far down. I can see the people in the cars. I am with Libby, and someone else, I think. We are trying to find my parents. It is nighttime, but the scene is well lit by the stadium lights and the lights of the city around us. It is raining. There is a impressive amount of water on the road, quite deep. And the cars are going slowly.

We recognize someone in a car as it passes. Oh, there are no SUV’s, so obviously we aren’t in Georgia, or america for that matter. Just cars. Actually, they are all big sedan like cars, you know, like the cadillac your grandmother used to drive, an american icon sort of car.

I recognize the driver in on of the passing cars. I can’t put my mind on who the driver way, but it was a boy, so we will call him John. John, the driver, passes out, and the door to the car opens and he tumbles out of the car onto the road, into the standing water, which is really moving like a river. The cars keep driving around John, no one really stops. John’s car keeps driving on. John is a ways in front of libby and me.

Libby and I are frozen, watching the cars drive past. John is woken up by the water into which he fell, and Libby and I realize in horror that none of the other cars have drivers in them at all. They are all just driving down the road, driverless. (then it gets blurry, but somehowornother we get John off the road, and he acts like nothing really happened). So we set off to find my parents, but I don’t remember if we ever actually found them.

Then we are in Grand Lake, we are in a wedding. And it is beautiful and sunny and very early in the morning. But the wedding isn’t at the Lodge, where it should be, it is down in the town, in the town square. And I am late. And I don’t have a car (one of those driverless cars would have been helpful at this point). And I have on some terribly flowy dress with awful shoes and I have been sent to fetch something down a gravel road. And I barely make it back in time.

Okay, that is all I remember right now. Obviously I know that this means that I have a lot of anxiety in my life and that I should do something about it, but you know what? Sometimes you can’t control your dreams. I am a secretly high strung individual, and staying in control all day long sometimes causes my brain to freak out at night. I’d rather freak out at night in my dreams than in real life. Less people see it that way. I guess if I am going to write about it online I shouldn’t talk about being concerned about whether people know or not.

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Widespread Panic Simulcast for FOX shows – created by Donald Pickett

"I am a dedicated Widespread Panic fan. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will have no chance of attending the Fox Theatre shows on March 24-26 2005.
In light of wildly successful Audio/Video Simulcasts undertaken by other bands with similarly dedicated followings, and considering the overwhelming demand for a good alternative experience like a theater simulcast, I would like to graciously request that Browncat, PGA and Widespread Panic pursue the option of providing an audio/video simulcast in select theaters in select cities across America. As always, thank you for everything boys!"

Widespread Panic Fans

Sign the Petition.

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