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I think a lot of people in law school have a hard time sleeping. I have a hard time sleeping a lot of time, I take adderrol, and although it doesn’t do all the crazy things to me that it does to someone without the chemical imbalance (yeah, don’t fight with me, I have a chemical imbalance), but it does make it more difficult to sleep. Coupled with the stress that accompanies law school, sleeping can be difficult.

Some law students like to drink heavily every night and that helps them sleep. I don’t want to be that law student. Some people like to take tylenol PM, or the like. Those kind of things scare me. I do take benadryl sometimes to help me sleep. But there has to be a better, none drug way to sleep. This is my advice to a friend that can’t sleep (and this just happens to be how I calm down, so things work different for different people, but hey):

Put clean sheets on your bed. Take a bath, or a shower (but not to hot)so that you feel all clean and fresh. Pick out a novel, something with good descriptions that isn’t too difficult and a story that you can get lost in, or if you don’t like novels, play some music. Concentrate on how good your sheets feel, and how warm you are, and how great your pillow feels, and concentrate on taking deep breaths. And read the book and don’t think, just read the story. You have to learn how to turn off your brain. If you can find a way to turn your brain off, or at least turn it down, then I promise it will be easier to fall asleep. Learn to concentrate on your luxuries, and not on your perceived shortcomings and difficulties.

I don’t think this is going to make a huge difference under extreme circumstances, such as exams, but right now in the semester, it makes a big difference for me. Sweet Dreams.

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