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The bouncer at the Georgia Theater last night thought I was the wife of one of the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. He was really pumped to see me, I felt bad that I wasn’t her.

I almost got in a fight with these idiots that grabbed my butt during the concert (after they started a brawl in the middle of the crowd). I was in quite the feisty mood last night. I must have made them feel bad because one of the came and apologized later. I told him it happens all the time.

I am heading to Augusta for the night, to see my parents and dogs. I think I might go to a party with my little pink frosted cupcake of a friend Mary Beth.

Miss me. Kisses.

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Cosmo is Trashy

Things I learned in the March edition of Cosmo that aren’t too trashy to post.

1. Single women crave kisses from men whose breath smells like peppermint. The majority of single men want to lock lips with a chick whose breath smells of – shocker! – alcohol.

2. A handy anagram to help girls stop and think: D-R-A-M-A.
D – Have I been DRINKING or doing DRUGS?
R – Am I feeling RATIONAL?
A – Am I excessively ANGRY?
M – Would my MOM be worried if she knew what I was about to do?
A – Am I acting like an ADULT?

(If you follow these directions you won’t have to worry about the responsibility police coming to get you in the morning).

3. When a guy says, "I thought I recognized her from somewhere," what he really means is "She was hot, and I wanted to stare."

All of the other tidbits I picked up in this months edition make me blush.

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Pat Green

I went to the Pat Green concert last night at the Georgia Theater. I had an absolute blast, although I did break one of the most serious rules of the theater – which is to not drink the draft beer. Everyone knows that the Theater beer is bad for you – I don’t know if it is because they don’t clean their lines or because it is served in these huge plastic cups – but the bottom line is that it can kill you. Travers is convinced that they put drugs in their beer.

All I know is that my head hurts. And I think I have the black lung, Pop.

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