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1. My Sigg water bottle. When I lose it (as I’m sure I will one day, me and water bottles have a hard time keeping up with each other) I will go into the depths of depression. It is so pretty. Shiny metallic blue, with thin piece of diving/fishing rope attached to the neck and the top (so I don’t lose the top) that the sweet greek man tied for me, every dent adds character and the "I heart Kephalonia" sticker brings back fond memories.

2. My Red Pen. I love pens, especially red pens. I like to write with red pens on yellow legal pads. I like the way it looks and it makes me feel like an attorney. Right now I have a clicker EnerGel needle tip from Pentel. I don’t highlight much anymore, mostly I just underline with my needle tip red pen. I don’t know what made me switch. I still carry around a highlighter – I like InkTank highlighters the best – but I don’t use it very often.

3. My iPod. Obviously this is a universally loved inanimate object. Mine has a blue iSkin cover that keeps it from getting scratched and works as a shock absorber when I drop it. Plus, I haven’t been able to rip it yet, which is impressive. Along with my iPod, my bose Sounddock is also a much loved inanimate object. Oh, and the remote control that goes along with it. The remote really adds.

Least Favorite Class of Inanimate Objects Currently:
Every Single article of winter clothing. I am tired of needing my sweaters and fleeces. I want to box them up, and seal it with a kiss and put them in the back of the closet until October. It isn’t personal, but now that February is almost over (yea!) I want to get back to my flip flops, tank tops and short skirts. They miss me.

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