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All I can say is that I am so very happy about the way the commenting has been going. I love you all so much and I really appreciate the comments, they make me feel loved. It makes having a blog so much fun. AND it gives me something to do.

I am having a spectacular day so far, I woke up a little early and went to Five Star Day to get a bacon egg and cheese biscuit (I gave up fast food for lent, so no egg mcmuffins for me), and the only people in the whole place were the two cool Athenian guys working, me, and this happy, little Hispanic women who was rocking out to the Beatles album that was being blasted as she doctored up her coffee with the cream and the sugar.

"Hello, Hel-LOOOOO….I don’t know why you say goodbye and I say hello……Hello, Helloooooo……You say stop, I say Go, go, go………You say goodbye, and I say hello……"

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