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I swear that this was my fortune on excite.com today:
“Just slack off today”

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well, if the weather keeps up like this, I’m never going to make it till may. My quality of life has at least doubled in the last 48 hours. Yesterday, while in augusta, I sat on my front porch and ate zaxby’s with my parents. I was actually a little worried about getting a sun burn it was so beautiful. it would have been the perfect day for a run, but since I spent saturday night hanging out with willie nelson and my brother Travers, I was feeling a little under the weather and running was out of the question. so instead, i went inside and watched t.v. with my dog, Bella. Bella is the greatest dog ever. Bo, our other dog is also awesome, but he wouldn’t dream of being inside on such a beautiful day (also he is a little high strung). Bella would have liked to have been outside, but she tore her ACL playing basketball with Travers in the december, and is still recovering. we have to monitor how much time she spends outside. So Bella had to stay inside and watch the crocodile hunter diaries with me (she likes the animal planet). Mama also watched t.v with us. Daddy kept trying to get us to go on a bike ride with him, or a walk, or something, but Mama and I were both recovering from our self induced flu. Needless to say, I got nothing done this weekend. I spent the night in augusta last night, and woke up this morning to get back for class, but I didn’t get up early enough because I am lazy, so I missed Torts. but hey, it’s beautiful outside. I am definitely going to go run today, it is so beautiful, personal happiness is taking over dedication to law school. Cybil and went to the Jackson Street Bookstore today (after we ate lunch at the grill), to smell all the old books and to dream of a life were we could sit around and read old books all day and talk about them. Cybil says that we are going to outlive all the men and one day when we are 85, and there are no men to complicate things, we can just sit around at our beach house, or mountain house, and read books and talk about all the important things in life, instead of talking about guys. Until then, we will continue to over-analysis and discuss. I have so much work today, I should make a list. I don’t think I have ever made a list in my life of things I need to do. Or if I have made a list, it has been of long terms goal, like, things to do before I die. Maybe I made a list of things to do for a whole week, but I think I probably lost the list before the week started. So maybe I won’t make a list. I bet this is why I lose everything and am late everywhere. Lonnie is being pretty structured today in Civil Procedure, rule 20 is such a stimulating topic of discussion. I hate this class. I love this weather and chocolate chip cookies. and movies. I really want to watch lots of old movies sometime soon. old movies I have seen and old movies I haven’t seen. or really, just movies in general. but I think i have too many books to read. or maybe too much homework.

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