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I love the smell of old books. I love the smell of books in general, but especially old books. they make me happy. lets talk about how unproductive I am as a person. No, lets talk about how I am going to turn over a new leaf. my list of personal improvements to take effect immediately and last at least until may 7th include stopping the following activities:
1. complaining about my life. (my life is awesome, I don’t have a job, i have unbelievable friends, live in a beautiful place and get to eat at yummy restaurants on a regular basis)
2. sitting in the corner at bars and gossiping (very unattractive, gets you nowhere, and especially if you are drinking greatly increases the likelihood that you might say something you will regret tomorrow)
3. scratching my sun poisoning on my neck (equally unattractive, and hurts)
4. coming to the library to study, and playing around on the computer for hours and getting nothing done (if I have to be here, I should at least get something done, otherwise I should go home and watch a movie)
5. losing nalgene bottles (I lost my purple and gold one, very depressing)
6. copying nick’s notes (I have to learn how to take notes without training wheels, I can do it, it just involved not playing on the internet or checking my email.
7. assuming that everyone knows I am kidding most of the time. (not everyone appreciates my sense of humor about my ego, it is something to be sensitive to)
8. drinking too much beer and leaving my car downtown overnight (although this is better than driving my car home, I need to learn some responsibility)
9. dreaming about what my life would be like if I lived in Colorado and got to ski all the time and drink Sunshine.

that is enough new rules for today, from now one I am going to look at the bright side of things:
1. cases are just short stories, to be read with pleasure and enjoyment
2. law school is intellectually stimulating with the opportunity for growth through adversity and defeat.
3. I can do anything for six weeks, I can do anything for six weeks.
4. Elle Woods is my idol, she turned her first year around when no one believed her or took her seriously, I can too.
5. Maybe one day my parents will take my law school career seriously, and until then, I should appreciate the lack of pressure.

that is enough bullshit for today. I have it on good authority that the Golf Traffic signs have returned to the beautiful streets of augusta, I just wish they didn’t direct all the traffic down my street. Cristina, Allison, Elizabeth and I are going to have a fashion show tonight to decide exactly what we should all wear on Saturday night. I love the opportunity to get all dressed up. Cristina and I are going to augusta tomorrow for the night, and our plans include eating homemade lasagna, playing with bella and bo, going for a jog, and getting pedicures. (and maybe making a stop by bojangles, who knows?) I am happy to report that I am no longer dateless, which is awesome. okay, I am going to go be a good little law student and stop playing with my books open.

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