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I have been neglecting my journal lately, and this is not acceptable. Right now I am in property class, and since I haven’t been paying attention so far, I see no reason to start now. Actually, i am paying attention, I’m just not taking notes. but I am absorbing, don’t you worry. I had the strangest dream last night, I dreamed I had a cat that I took with me everywhere, and I dreamed that a bunch of my friends from home, friends that have never dated and never will date, in my dream these friends fell in love and were getting married, and it was very strange. I wanted to shake them and say, “GET OUT OF AUGUSTA, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!” which is not really necessary because my dream was very unrealistic and isn’t going to happen. Maybe this is the result of being in augusta on friday night. Cristina and I went out with Travers, who insisted on wearing his new air jordans out to the bar, and we went to the Soul Bar. It happened to be 80s night at the Soul Bar, and wonderful David Wright was there, although he wasn’t dressed up (he dresses up last friday night because he thought last friday was 80s night and it wasn’t). David and I danced for a while, and then jennifer, cristina and i sat in the window and watched people come in and out, which was a little scary. I saw quite a few people that i hadn’t seen since I graduated from high school, and some of them have undergone serious alternations in their image. Overall, 80s night at the Soul Bar was a lot of fun, but it really was a flashback. Saturday night was the Barrister’s Ball, aka the Law School Prom. This was lots of fun. More than anything I was excited about wearing my new dress and my tall shoes. It is amazing what three inches can do for your outlook on the world. I don’t know why I like to wear tall shoes, they hurt my feet very badly, but sometimes it is fun. I think i just like the change. If I wear sort of tall shoes all the time, and then I wear flip flops, I love that too. Because if I have on shoes that make me a couple inches taller, I get used to how tall i am compared to other people, and then when I have on flip flops I feel short in comparison to the people that I see everyday. Boys don’t have the fun of changing how tall they are. Actually, boys miss out on a lot of stuff. they don’t get to dramatically change their look from day to night with make up, they don’t get to have drastic haircuts (most of the time), and they don’t have a lot of options when it comes to formal wear. Wearing tall, strappy shoes are a great idea if all you have to do is stand around and look pretty, but if your plans include getting kicked out of a cab at 2:30 in the morning 2 miles from home with scattered showers in the forecast, tall strappy shoes are much less functional. Our cab driver was on all kinds of drugs and just really wanted to yell at Dean, Cristina and me. In the end, he demanded that I pay him immediately, so I gave him 3 dollar bills, 3 quarters, and 25 pennies. This didn’t sit so well with him, and he kicked me out and pretended to call the police. being the brat that I happen to be, I decided that he was welcome to call the police, I called my parents and told them that I was about to be arrested for trying to pay with pennies. note to self, don’t call parents in the middle of the night when drunk unless already in jail, or physically injured.

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