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longest week ever

I have to say that this is the longest week of my life. well, maybe that is a stretch, but it is close to the the truth. I broke my rule for myself and went running with Cristina again, and although I am proud of us being so disciplined, and I am proud that we have been running at the same pace every day, I am very sore. The one upside to all of this pain is that I have been sleeping like a champ lately. Jennifer commented yesterday that she doesn’t know how I sleep at night, considering the precarious situations I have a tendency to put myself in, and my best answer is because I can’t stay awake. I also played softball last night, which was tons of fun, but i could have hurt myself doing that too (I am very accident prone). I just want to give a shout-out to my entire team, they did a hell of a job, Christian did such a great job getting us all together, Jason was an excellent pitcher, Christy brought rice krispy treats, and the rest of us looked really good running back and forth off the field. The other team was entirely too together, they were quite serious and I am sure they have practice (what losers). The best part was that I got to use one of Cristina’s gloves, and didn’t have to use a yucky glove from the intramurals office. I gave my oral argument last night, which is much more nerve racking than I ever expect it to be. But my judges were very nice and I made a new friend with Hui, the boy I argued against. I can’t wait for spring break, it is going to be so great. Yesterday was a very long day. I need to pack tonight, i don’t mind packing, I hate unpacking. okay, I am going to go listen to Appel, he is in a great mood today, I met his dog last night, he and his wife were wandering around the law school with their dog, tess. Appel wanted to know if we were doing our oral argument, and it was all I could do not to say, no, we just like to stand outside the hatton lovejoy courtroom in suits to gain strength to survive law school. but i didn’t, I just smiled and said, yep.

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