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irresponsibility is taking over

in the last 25 hours I have locked myself out of my house, spilt an entire nalgine bottle all over my bed (right before I wanted to go to sleep), and had an alarm clock malfuction that caused me to miss torts. and i really didn’t need to miss torts. I think I am going to blame all of this on the pollen. I did see an awesome movie last night, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I recommend this movie to everyone, all about relationships. On the note of this movie, I have a question for everyone. DO I REMIND YOU OF KIRSTEN DUNST? I can’t figure out this phenomena, but it started a few years ago when a guy in a bar told me I looked like I movie star. I thought he was just telling me I looked pretty, and i say thank you, and he say, “What’s her name? Let me find my girlfriend and find out what her name is, she was in that cheerleader movie.” Well, turns out he thinks I look like Kirsten. After that, my best friend from home, her mother spent the whole movie of Crazy Beautiful thinking that Kirsten looked like me. any of you who have seen this movie will not that she doesn’t take showers and is pretty nuts. Then, not long after that, in a bar in colorado, I had two guys come up to me and tell me that they have been staring at me for the last 45 minutes trying to decide whether or not I was Kirsten Dunst. not just that they thought I looked like her, but that they thought i was her. then one of the guys told me that he has permission from his girlfriend to make out with Kirsten if ever given the chance, and he and his friend were pretty sure i was her. This sounds like the worst pick up line ever, but once these guys were convinced I wasn’t her, they weren’t real interested in talking to me anymore. I think they were at least 18, but I’m not sure. Since then I have had some comments, but when she dyed her hair red, less people commented. Well, now she is back blond, and I watched the movie closely last night to see if maybe I could tell what features we have in common. Really,I am at a loss. different noses, our faces are shaped differently, different body types (most of the time i get body type comments from Julia Stiles, in 10 things I hate about you). Really, I’m not at all offended about looking like Kirsten, she is beautiful. I am just fascinated because I can’t see it. So after the movie last night I told Will that people tell me I look like Kirsten, and his response was, “Yeah, I was going to say that, she did remind me of you.” I would love to hear what ya’ll think about this, really, I’m fascinated.

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