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Okay, so I am back from the most fun week ever, and this week is a stark contrast to last week. Last week I was learning how to be a jibber and how to drink my weight in beer at 9000 feet while keeping my balance and looking cute all at the same time (I’ve always thought skiing and drinking at the same time was a very bad idea, kinda like drinking and driving, but just without the seatbelt or metal frame of the car, but my friends in snowmass disagreed, they think Ski Patrol can always rescue you). This week I am suffering from sun poisoning, lack of motivation, bad self esteem, and pollen. the sun poisoning is due to the fact that I didn’t put sunscreen on my neck the first day I was in snowmass, the lack of motivation is due to my temporary lack of imagination, I need imagination to make up reasons why all of this pressure and stress is necessary. The bad self esteem stems from the fact that I don’t have a date to law school prom, I don’t know how this happened, but there is still time (see, I’m still optimistic), and the pollen is just a problem in general, aggravated by the fact that I feel the need to run outside (running is necessary to deal with the afore-mentioned pressure and stress). But other than these minor details, it is a beautiful day and it is st patricks day. The fact that it is st patricks day means little beyond the opportunity to practice my beer drinking skills from last week. Also, green is not my color. I don’t really own anything green, because it is such a terrible look for me. Honestly, I have so much work to do, i can’t even begin to think about how to start any of it. sigh. on a better note, I have found a friend who is going to be on my study abroad, she is a first year at Tulane, we have lots of similar friends, and I am much relieved to know that I won’t be all by myself to begin with. Okay, I have to go listen to Lonnie Brown for an hour and a half because the saint of a man canceled class friday before spring break. I can’t complain. (well, i couldn’t, but I won’t).

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