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me and caffeine are over

I’m going to have to end a long term relationship with a very special drug. I am breaking up with caffeine. This is going to be very difficult, since my favorite drink is Mr. Pibb (sometimes coke) and my favorite food is chocolate. Plus caffeine is in everything else that I depend on. Since I suffer from migraines, my migraine medicine has caffeine in it. I also love coffee, except I have been drinking decaf coffee for a while. the reason I am going to have to break off this relationship is because I took an alka seltzer morning relief this morning, and I am a wreck. I hate feeling like this. I rolled out of bed this morning, regretting all of the beer I drank last night, and got the bright idea to roll on over to the BP across the street (in my pajamas). I thought that a power aid and a morning relief would make me feel better, what I didn’t think about was how the women behind the counter was going to laugh at what I looked like and what I was buying. and she did laugh. whatever. Then I ate some lasagna and watched the quality film st elmos fire on one of the HBOs we pay millions of dollars for. Now I am sitting in class having a panic attack because of the caffeine in the morning relief I took. I mean, i might start grinding my teeth soon. Appel is being pretty funny though, I love this class. He puts so much time and effort into the presentation of the information in this class, I just really appreciate the effort.
Back to last night, I had a GREAT time last night. I am becoming a regular at nowhere bar (which means I get to run into John Paul on a regular basis), they didn’t even ID me when i came in the door. I have been told before that this isn’t because I look like I’m 21, but only that they know me, and that this isn’t a good thing. I hate to still be talking about this, but I am still having a panic attack. Last night was a blast, I love all my law school friends, especially all of the awesome guys who think being gay is the only reason a guy wouldn’t want to date me. I appreciate the support, love and encouragement. Ian, Nick and Jason have a list of four second year boys that I am allowed to go out with, two of which have girlfriends. Awesome. Dave took on the heavy burden of making sure that maggie and I both made it home okay last night, watching to make sure we got in the door without someone grabbing us before driving off (all boys should do this). I love maggie. I wish she and I could hang out all the time. My bitches and I are still planning on laying out somewhere today, I’m not sure where. hopefully somewhere with lots of undergrads that work out too much and sleep in the tanning bed. I wonder if maggie got her paper written this morning. I am in an awesome mood. okay, 12:20, time to go.

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