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I keep forgetting to do this, and it makes me sad when I don’t, so here it is…..

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Okay, here is what is going on. Everyone here thinks I am scandinavian and young looking, to the point that we were invited on a scandinavian pub crawl, and ended up being the only people in the group that weren’t from Sweden, except two kids from Finland. Also, they didn’t seem to want our law school friends to come, it was kinda weird (they came anyway). Swedish people are very attractive and all look the same. I mean, really, all look like they are related. And I think that most of the kids on the pub crawl were in high school. think cancun, senior trip, and this is what we were in the middle of last night. body shots, alcohol games involving people taking their clothes off and dancing on the bar, etc. We told them that we weren’t going to participate because we were american, and americans didn’t act like that (ha). But Swedish people follow the rules, all left bar when they were suppose to and followed the group. Americans are less good at following the rules. So, other than the swedish high school graduation party that we went to, we have been meeting all the tulane kids. It is really fun, I like the people.

I like my classes, I’m only taking 3, I was going to take 4, but I dropped one because it was late and I thought it was boring. I am in love with one of my professors. he is australian. I think I really like admiralty law, it is really interesting and different, it is nice to take a class on something that you really don’t have a clue about.

Kallie is my roommate, and current new best friend. I love her, we have so much in common, she was a theta, and we really think the same. We bought blow up floats to lay on out on our balcony because the beach is super windy and the sand blows on you, plus you have to pay for the chair, and you have to pay for the chair at the pool, and it is crowded. But our balcony is really beautiful, and our room is enormous. My adapter hasn’t blown up any of my electronic devices so far.

Lets talk a bit about the food.
1. I am going to gain a great deal of weight if I continue on my present course, because I can’t stop eating.
2. I LOVE gyros. we have discovered this little take out place, called Alex’s fast ‘n tasty, and it is so good, i’m planning on eating there on a very regular basis. They put french fries in the gyros, I am so full right now, but my mouth waters just thinking about it, I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow.
3. I LOVE greek salads, and we eat them at every meal. basically lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers (everything has cucumbers in it), feta, and olive oil.
4. Because we are in a tourist area, all the little stores have lots of snacks, lots of cookies, candy, etc. to chose from.
5. Our hotel has excellent meals, for what we are paying, this is unbelievable. great food, great salad, great breakfast, great dessert, including awesome ice cream. Plus, our waiter, George, is our new best friend. He looks out for us and gives up tips. he speaks 6 languages. We are his favorite.

On another note, we are planning a trip to turkey. It is going to be awesome. I think we are going to have a fairly large group going with us so I’m excited.

Okay, I need to go do my homework (sigh, sniff, tear). Then I need to get some sleep, I didn’t pay any attention in school today, and I don’t want to get lost. I miss you all and I love you and I hope to hear from you all soon!!!

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