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one more thing….

I think I am going to need some affirmation about who is reading what I post, because it is encouraging, it makes me blog more, and it makes me happy (I’m far, far, from home), so if you get a chance, PLEASE post a comment, it is really easy, just click the “post a comment” link right below the entry. love you

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When I last left you, it was to go do my homework. Well, let me tell you about how that hasn’t happened yet. The night I last blogged, I went upstairs and went to sleep. Yesterday, after class (which for the the record I have a really hard time staying awake for, since it from 1 am to 4am EST. But the coffee at the hotel is great, and I try really hard to get up early enough to drink a lot of it before class, and to eat spectacular apple pie strudel things and toast (I love things for breakfast that are totally inappropriate, like apple pie, chocolate cake, lasagna, etc).

I have been able to diligently blog because there are computers in my hotel, and the internet cards are much cheaper than phones, plus, I can’t figure out how to work the damn phones. I really love my hotel, I really don’t ever need to leave. On the first floor they feed me breakfast and dinner, on the second floor we have our classrooms, the computers, an inside pool, ping pong, and an excellent little store that has everything from english paper back novels to adapters, including cokes and water and chocolate at bargain prices for a hotel. The one thing I can’t find in this joint is a phone that I can operate.

Yesterday after class a group of us went to a place called Anthony Quinn Bay, where the Guns of Navarone was filmed. It is basically two coves that back up to each other on the mediterranean side of the island (as opposed to the aegean), and they are really rocky. We climbed up a bunch of the rocks, it was really pretty, I gashed my toe open on one of them. Actually, it is a stretch to call them rocks. they were more like daggers sticking up at lots of different angles. or maybe steak knives. Good thing I came prepared with band aids. Two of the boys we were with bought masks and snorkels, and we traded off swimming. This worked really well because it was so cold, you couldn’t stay in the water for very long. and the masks sucked. But the water was so beautiful, and so salty you just kinda float. I think I got dehydrated from the salt and the wind. A couple of other kids with us climbed up some of the cliffs in the cove, and I guess they are sort of stupid, or I guess what is more likely the case since they are in law school is that they don’t get out much, but they didn’t wear their shirts while hiking around, and they weren’t on a trail, and all the plants are of the cactus type, and they were all bleeding by the end of it. That, and they couldn’t get back down off the cliffs. The goats didn’t seem to have a problem climbing down, I think they boys were being wimps. Oh yeah, did I mention that there are goats everywhere? Goats and germans. The goats are really cute, cuter than the germans, especially the men in bikinis. Two kids rented a car yesterday and hit a goat with it by accident. They claim the goat was almost as big as the car. I bet they don’t get out much either.

Last night we went to Karoke at the bar on the roof of the hotel, which was really boring. Then we went to bar street and went to the Colorado Bar, which is like 6 different bars all in one, and was really cool, but once again rather cancunish. They had a cover band that played mostly 80s, but half the people in the band looked like widespread, and the other half looked like ace of base. The lead singer had a key on the zipper of his pants and kept asking who wanted the key to heaven. I think that is going to be my last trip to bar street for a while, I want to explore old town. When we got home, Kallie and I talked about boys till we both passed out around 4. Needless to say, I didn’t feel so great this morning.

I think admiralty law is really cool, I’m enjoying how it seems to bring everything together, like contracts and civil procedure especially, but a lot of property and torts, plus it is really heavy in the risk management and insurance forum, so I’m not totally lost. And our classes aren’t that big, so we have the opportunity to talk, which you know I love.

Kallie and I decided that some of the boys on this trip aren’t very nice. Most of them are awesome, but some of them talk down to us like we are stupid and we don’t really appreciate that. Alex is my other new best friend. She is super awesome. Alex, Kallie and I can sit around and start talking, and never stop. Really, I think we could talk for years. YEARS! it is awesome. This kid from las vegas (little dweeby) went to lunch with us today and told us that we sounded like a live, female seinfeld episode. We were flattered, but once again, I am going to assume that he doesn’t get out much more than the other law kids.

Kallie and I are planning an elaborate island hopping excursion. It is going to be awesome, and we are going to go to Ephesas, which I am very pumped about. We have an exceptional travel agent. We can see the mountains of Turkey from our balcony, and today was the clearest day so far, and we can see the detail of the mountains. It is really, really, really, pretty.

Well, I want you to all know that I am eating a paprika pringle in honor of each of you, tomorrow I might eat a paprika ruffles chip for each of you, as I think I like those better. We are going on a trip to another island with the group. Okay, the mosqitoes are biting, I am going to go get ready for dinner. I love and miss you all as I love and miss Zaxbys!! (which is a lot)(even though I got to eat at Alex’s fast and tasty today for lunch!!!!).

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