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I feel the need to clarify something. It is easy to stay up very late around here because of the jet lag/time change. We all have a tendency to not get sleepy until 4 or 5 in the morning, since that is 9 or 10 at night EST. In addition, it is a lot easier to stay up late if you aren’t drinking a lot, since alcohol is a depressant. The moral of the story is that every time I state that I was up till 4 or 5 in the morning, it does not mean that I was drinking heavily each time. Also, as I stated, we have a tendency to get into deep discussions. I’m not saying that there isn’t a lot of drinking going on, because there is. And I love beer (I’ve never been a big liquor drinker, and I don’t drink wine much anymore) and I like to drink. but let me tell you that these people are serious drinkers, and I don’t even try to keep up. The bars are expensive and I prefer to drink early, and sober up before I go to bed, since this gives me the opportunity to be amused by the effects of alcohol on those around me and I feel better the next day. The law profession is full of alcoholics, and being around people who start drinking at 9 in the morning and drink all night is one of the best deterrences to not getting carried away. We are on vaction and everything, but I’m interested in remembering most of the trip. I can get plenty drunk in Athens Georgia, I don’t need to be in Greece to do that. I’m not trying to justify this to anyone, I just know that people read my journal that don’t know much about my habits (particually maybe my parents friends), and I don’t want to misrepresent myself – as either too drunk or too sober. And David Moore, I’m not writing this to you, because I decided that I am glad that you read my journal, since I’m pretty sure God reads my journal, and he is the issue at hand. I love and miss you all!

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