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Hello everyone!!! I am in Mykonos, Kallie and I have an eight hour layover here on our way to Samos, which is our greek island homebase for our excursion into Turkey. We left Santorini this morning, and I need to pause for a second and tell everyone that Santorini is everything that anyone says it is. I am in love. The island is one big cliff, with the houses on top of the cliff. there is one part of the island that slopes slightly and has a beach (this is where we stayed, it is called Kamari), but the rest of the island is a big cliff. Kallie and I arrived in Santorini friday night after 24 hours of travel (1 taxi, 3 ferrys and 2 buses), and got a good nights sleep. Yesterday we took a bus to town – Fira, took a cable car down the cliff to the old port, ate lunch, took a boat to the volcanic island, which blew up the whole island about 3500 years ago (it was a whole island, now it is about 5 islands in a ring and the volcanic island in the middle). The volcano is like another planet. Kallie and I made friends with Sen, from San Francisco, and he spent the rest of the day wandering around with us (we were fine and safe, neither of us wandered off alone with him and we were always around people, Mama, don’t worry). Once back at the port, Kallie and I rode donkeys back up the cliff, and Sen walked behind us. It was really fun, actually, it was really funny. Then we shopped around and helped Sen pick out a present for his girlfriend. A bus trip later we were in Io, which is exactly what you think Santorini should look like. We watched the most amazing sunset, and had dinner at a cliff restaurant. It was the most perfect of perfect days. I’m in love. Oh, remind me to tell you about how my greek boyfriend that works at the supermarket was cheating on me with some greek girl out in front of the store the other day, I was quite devastated. I don’t think he ever even knew we were dating, and now it is over!! Running out of time, I love and miss you all!

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