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I have hyperextended both of elbows. I couldn’t remember why I normally pull my luggage with my left arm until last night. Because I broke my right elbow and it doesn’t like it when I make it carry heavy things. I am in Spetses, and I am very happy with my surrounding. The hotel here is totally different, much more European (the Rhodes hotel, the Olympic Palace, would have fit nicely down the street from La Vela in PCB). I have to have a new roommate, which is very disconcerting, since I miss Kallie and wish she could still be my roommate, and because I wish Alex could be my new roommate like I was hoping. But they are both back in the old US of A. I went to sleep last night at midnight, after watching Holland lose to Germany in a European cup game, and I am sad, because I like Holland, but I am also very confused because I watched Holland and Germany tie last wednesday and don’t understand why they were playing again last night. But it was an awesome game. I got up this morning and ate breakfast with a Tulane teacher and Janice – who is sort of in charge of making sure we all get registered and everything. Then I had big plans of exploring the island, but instead went back to my room and took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I think I must have been a little worn out. So today was a personal day, and I think I am now going to go find some feta flavored potato chips, or maybe some chocolate. Tomorrow I have class, then I am going to go look into renting a bike or a moped for the time I am here, since cars are not really allowed on this island, and there are only 2 taxis, well, there are lots of water taxis and horse taxis, but onyl 2 real taxis. Oh, I had a terrible dream that my new roommate and I got into a huge fight like minutes after she arrived. I hope it isn’t true. I love anxiety, I think I look for it.

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