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Okay, this is going to be a quick post because I am about to run out of money on my card. Tomorrow Kallie and I are embarking on an island hopping tour off the Greek Islands and Turkey. But today we went to the beach. The beachwe went to was called Tsampika (t is silent). It was really pretty, and the sand was REALLY hot. like I had no idea that sand could get this hot. I thought my feet were going to start bleeding before I could make it to the water. But it was beautiful, as long as you ignored the topless older women and the nude folks down the beach. The water is crystal clear, it is amazing. We all fell asleep on the beach, since we stayed out too late last night. Last night was lots of fun, but Kallie and I overslept, and miss half of our first class, but we had to go to it late because we just paid the travel agent for our excursion and the trip involves missing two days of class and that is the most we can miss. Needless to say, everyone thought this was quite entertaining and wanted to laugh at us all day. The past three days have been the best so far, we are really making friends and monday and tuesday we layed by the pool which was great for meeting people. I am having a better week than last week, and I am still finding wonderful things to eat. I miss you and I love you all!!

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