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I keep forgetting…..

p.s. how do ya’ll feel about this picture of me and travers?

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Well, tomorrow I have exams. And this afternoon Professor Davies sponsored happy hour by the pool. And yesterday Professor Friedman told Kallie not to study. Really. I find this all very encouraging, because I just don’t have the heart. I have been concentrating my efforts on packing and getting clothes washed in town. But going to town sometimes makes me feel rather ripped off, either by a cab driver or by a sales person, etc. I like to think that one of these days I am no longer going to get taken advantage of for being blond and fair in the greek islands, but I think I am just being naive. Today I was asked if I was from Holland, or England. And I’m TAN. TAN! I haven’t been tan in probably 7 years. Now, I’m sitting with my friend Andy, who wants a shout out on the livejournal. He is from the east and west coast, kinda like the bar. He went to Clemson, and now he is in law school at Tennessee. After my exam tomorrow we are going out, and then I am leaving Rhodes for good on Saturday, and heading to Spetses via Athens. For those of you who are concerned with my soap opera life, I haven’t seen my greek boyfriend since i got back from santorini and turkey, so I don’t know how things are going to play out. But now I have an english bartender boyfriend, who is also probably unaware that he is my boyfriend. He spent a good fifteen minutes explaining to me how the European Cup works and telling me that I shouldn’t call Bella an English bulldog, that she is a British bulldog. And Uga is a British bulldog as well. so spread the word and stop being ignorant. Mama and Daddy, break the news to Bella for me, will you?

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