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I have been sitting in the sunshine reading a legal profession outline today.  I normally go to the library – because I need the human interaction – but today I decided I needed the sunshine more than the human interaction. 

Here at my apartment I don’t have a vending machine – and because I haven’t been around much lately I don’t have a lot of supplies.  So I ventured out to the gas station by my house – the Okee Dokee BP. 

Initially I was really pumped because I wasn’t going to wear any shoes – I love it when it gets to be warm and I don’t have to wear shoes any more and everyone gets so weird about the fact that it doesn’t bother me to go into stores with no shoes on.  Give me a break – we live in Georgia.  Worst things have happened.  I promise I’ll wash my feet before I get into bed tonight.  But then I remembered that some gas stations have that whole, no shirt no shoes no service thing.  So I decided to wear my flipflops. 

I bought some over priced gas and some over priced soft drinks, some bubble gum, and sugar babies.  I resisted the urge to buy beer on the gas card.  Trav doesn’t appreciate that sort of thing. 

While I was in the store – this girl comes in – and all I can say about her outfit is that I hope she just walked out of the pool.  She had a see through white wrap around long skirt thing.  Like – totally inappropriate anywhere but at the pool. 

But then she asked the gas station lady directions somewhere.  And I got really confused.  Like – if she doesn’t live here – then why THE HELL is she dressed like that?  I mean, not road trip appropriate.  And apparently the gas station lady agreed.  Cause she gave the girl directions, and looked her up and down and said – You Visiting Friends? 

It cracked me up. 

In other news, I totally burned my stomach while  sitting outside reading legal profession in my bathing suit today.  STUPID CHARLSIE.  I know better.  Way better.

Yay Twilight!  Boo Exams! 

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