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I am back home to Athens.  I’ve been gone all week and I can honestly say I missed the Classic City.  Even though the Garden City was in full bloom. 

My week was sunny and drunk.  I had an absolute blast.  The Augusta National is one big huge botanical garden as far as I am concerned.  I love the golf, but I’m much more impressed with the trees and the flowers.  White Pine trees are my fav. 

In other news – I passed the MPRE.  I’m pretty pumped about it – in the back of my mind I really did have a sneaking suspicion that I MIGHT have failed it.  Phew.  Maybe now I’ll have the confidence to not fail the bar. 

I’ll post some pictures for y’all later.  But suffice it to say I was ridiculously spoiled by my whole family.  And my family is huge.  Yesterday I have four uncles, three aunts, two cousins, mama, daddy, and travers out there all at the same time. 

I’ll try to come up with some highlights for y’all later – and some of the funny quotes from the week. 

But now I have to read evidence because we are having a pop quiz tomorrow.  I think quizzes in law school should be against the rules.  Gah. 

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