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Dream Job

I wish I was famous so I could sign my name all over everything all the time. 

I think I would be super good at that.  I like to write my name. 

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It is foggy and drizzly here today.  Awesome.  Actually – it is kind of awesome because I might actually get some work done today. 

I even wore my glasses today to help with the working.  Because, with my glasses on, I have no peripheral vision.  Which greatly impairs my ability to see people and know who they are out of the corner of my eye.  My eyes have no corners.  So unless you are standing directly in my line of sight, I can’t tell who you are. 

Keep this in mind today if I walk right past you and don’t speak.  Unless of course you think there is any chance I might be mad at you, in which case you should take my lack of salutation as me punishing you for whatever you might have done.  Riigggghhtt. 

Mama Kate sent my some awesome sugar cookies for Easter.  Molly brought them to me last night and we ate sugar cookies and laughed about boys.  I also had an AMAZING dinner last night from earth fare.  Seriously – top notch. 

And Cristina and I ran again yesterday, and I won’t be running today, which is good because it is raining.  Oh, and I’m leading bible study tonight, yet another thing I need to work on, along with my paper.  Boo scientific evidence.  Boo. 

Come find me in the annex if you miss me.  Bring me prizes for being so studious. 

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