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I like riding around with the windows down.  It is a great way to dry my hair on my way places.  Of course, it is sort of hard to see with my hair all in my face and stuff.  But what ev.  I still like to do it.  Way more fun than a hair dryer.  And I always feel rude showing up places with wet hair.  And driving around with the windows down helps solve this etiquette problem.  I’m so clever. 

I bought the rascal flatts cd and the fray cd this morning.  My ipod is on it’s last leg.  Which is very sad.  Tear.  Sniff. 

I have been running like someone is chasing me the past week.  I know it is just the pressure of all the work I have to do before school ends – and I really like it when I get in these running kicks – because I never enjoy running as much as I do when I’m on a kick.  I like to run hills in the heat.  Maybe I need help.  For my issues with enjoying things that are miserable.  All this running has left me tired.  Snore. 

So, if you haven’t chatted with me in a while and are curious as to what I’ve been up to – I’ve been running hills at breakneck speed in the heat, taking showers, riding around with the windows of my car down while my hair dries, all the time listening to rascal flatts and the fray.  Oh, and pouting about my 30 page paper in the annex. 

I ate bojangles for breakfast (YIPPIE!!!  BOJANGLES!!  I LOVE IT I’M SO EXCITED THERE IS A BOJANGLES IN ATHENS!!! BISCUITS ALL DAY!!! YAY!), transmet for lunch, and outback for dinner for Justin’s birthday.  Outback was a strange experience. 

I have six pages written for my paper.  24 to go.  Hmmm, I need to watch 24 from tonight.  But not tonight.  I think I’m too tired.  24 wears me out. 

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