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Yeah – I don’t normally have a lot of advice for other law students, mostly because I’m a terrible example and the best thing I can tell you to do is – whatever I did – do the opposite.  This advice only extends so far as making good grades are concerned – I have to confess I’m probably happier than most people in law school, and have had a lot of fun. 

Regardless, if I could go back and do my first year finals over again, I would do lots and lots of practice exams.  Now, I didn’t do lots of practice exams – mostly because I barely made it through the material once – and didn’t have time to be overachieving with practice exams. 

But in my experience with all tests – especially law school exams, practice exams help. 

You really don’t even have to take them.  Read them.  Read the questions and read the model answers.  And if that doesn’t scare you enough to keep you up all night, then you are a lost cause.  And remember – the model answer?  Yeah – one person wrote that.  He got an A++++.  Yours doesn’t have to be that great.  But it will at least give you a good idea. 

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Noise Pollution

Last night I went to see a band composed of some of my friends.  And the band that opened for them were really loud.  I mean, I think the opening band was good, my band member friends like them – but they were a little louder than I can deal with.  But – I will say – loud bands in bars don’t bother me too much.  Bands are suppose to be loud. 

So I met this opening band later in the night – and they asked me what I thought:

Charlsie:  Nice to meet you, we were here for a couple of your songs. 
Band Member #1:  What did you think?
Charlsie:  Y’all were good, it was loud – I didn’t even realize my feet were vibrating until the music stopped and my feet stopped vibrating. 
Band Member #2:  (sincerely pleased) That is the nicest thing anyone has said to us all night!

So I can appreciate loud bar band music.  But there are some noises that drive me up the walls.  For instance, the guys who take care of the landscaping at my apartment complex.  I don’t understand what it is about my apartment complex that requires so much work to be done, but they are always working.  They are working at 8 in the morning.  And then the next day – they are hanging around at 5 in the afternoon.  I think they might actually live in the bushes.   I’m not sure, but I have a hunch they aren’t legal citizens of the US of A. 

Also, I really hate the construction trucks at school.  They are constantly backing up.  Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. 

Oh, and whatever idiot likes to ring the victory bell on tuesday morning at 11, a time in which I am fairly confident the university has not just beaten anyone in anything.  STOP IT.  RING IT WHEN WE WIN SOMETHING. LEAVE IT ALONE OTHERWISE. 

In addition, I feel sure that there is another time more convenient for Carol to vacuum the law library than in the middle of the day during finals.  I appreciate the need for the vacuum, and finals do last a really long time, but early in the morning might be less disruptive for everyone.

AND – Right now I am not enjoying all the noise coming from downtown.  It is twilight, and it is only because I am planning on heading down there later and enjoying the festivities later that I’m being so calm about what sounds like the din of the fair. 

But what I can’t tolerate, is when they bring in the big wood chopper truck, and proceed to feed HUGE limbs of trees into the chopper at noon on north campus.  Wood choppers – which are just huge chainsaws in my opinion, are unacceptable.  And they ruin my lunch in the sunshine. 

Why am I telling you this?  Partially because I am the worst procrastinator in america, and partially because I want y’all to be glad that I’m not a crocodile. 

Or, the people making all the damn noise should be glad I’m not a crocodile.  Because, Brutus, he don’t care much for chainsaws, and all the racket that comes with them.  I want y’all to pay close attention to the fact that he made it up the tree.  The crocodile climbed the tree.  GAH!  This is the best news article I have read in months.

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