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I miss you

I’m sorry for the lack of posting. George is still sick and without a laptop, I am limited to my time on the internet. But I miss posting, because I love writing here. I hope everyone is having a spectacular week. In addition to not having much to say this week, next week is spring break, so we will see.

But I am going to Augusta on thursday for Mary Beth’s birthday!! And hopefully will be able to get George fixed on Friday. I really appreciate all the comments, comments mean a lot to me.

Updates on my life:
1. I am still praying for it to warm up.

2. I sprained my ankle walking at the botanical gardens on Sunday. I was walking briskly, trying to keep up with Molly and Ashley. But it is feeling better.

3. My awesome brother Travers came into town last Friday, as did my favorite friend Betsy, and we had a lot of fun.

4. I am getting really excited about the Masters. Less than a month, less than a month. I can’t wait, and I guess it is good that it has been cold because otherwise the flowers would be screwed up. It is so funny, this time of year, the Masters is all my friends from home and I can talk about it. Can’t breath, can’t breath, so excited.

5. I am unhappy with my hair and can’t decide if I should cut it before the Masters. I think I am going to, but I am frustrated.

6. Law school Prom was tons of fun. I had a blast. I felt pretty, and I felt like everyone else was beautiful. I love it when everyone gets all dressed up, the girl in me takes over. Overall, it was a success. Highlight of the night: my fur jacket. Lowpoint of night: Caleb stealing the bottle of crown for the bus ride home and Jay smoking the cigar in the bus.

I wish I had more right now, but I don’t. I love you all.

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