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For pictures of last night’s talent show, complements of Megan. I love the dinosaur cartoons. Whatcha think? Favorite quotes of last night: "Can I get a picture with you in your dress?" (I felt like I was a character at disney world) and "Wow, that dress is crazy. She is so skinny – but the dress….. Imagine what it would look like if she was fat. The 80’s were not a kind decade." (obviously not said to me directly). and my favorite: "You actually pull that dress off very well. Somehow, it suits you." See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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One of my most favorite places in the world is the hill at the augusta national on #6 and #16. I can’t say I have strong feelings about #6 as a hole, but I really, really, really, love #16. I just found this article about skipping on the pond at #16, and it made me want to call home and see what the chances are that I can go the practice round on tuesday. I haven’t been to a practice round since high school. But I need to get a grip on reality and remember that I am in law school and the least I can do is wait until wednesday to head home. GRIP ON REALITY. But while we are straying from reality, I also want to share with y’all this article from ESPN.com last year. This is why I love the hill at #6. It is a place where you can see everyone you ever knew, regardless of whether you wanted to or not. Good thing for the concession stand. Is today wednesday? One week! Six Hill – by Brian Murphy "Have any of you ever been to the Masters? For the lucky few, you know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about Six Hill. The downslope of the No. 6 par-3 features a grassy knoll that would make Zapruder drool with envy. You chill on the grass, and you can watch the par-3 No. 6, the par-3 No. 16 and even the green of the par-5 No. 15. It’s possibly the greatest seat in sports. What a scene, too. One of the more underplayed sociological demographics in this country is the Wealthy, Genteel Southerner. Too often, we deride the South for its gun racks, or its lack of dental hygiene. But the Rich Boys of the South? That’s a thing. They crawl all over Six Hill. It’s the hottest spot in the South during the Masters. Genetically-superior babes in tight tops and short skirts roam the grass, usually on the arm of a trust-funder in his early 20s. You know these guys: Ralph Lauren polos; University of Georgia baseball caps, well-worn; and a bloodline that includes a great-grandfather who invented the paper clip, which provides for the summer mansion on Sea Island. What a scene! Coming from San Francisco, the only times I’ve seen so many people on grass were the old Grateful Dead New Year’s Eve shows at the Oakland Coliseum. Best part about Six Hill: If you get seduced by the sun and lay down, a Pinkerton comes by and, in essence, applies a stun gun to the ribs. You gotta love Augusta National. Fearing Six Hill will look like a Greyhound station at midnight, they hire Pinkertons to roust hobos like me if we dare try to grab some shut-eye. " See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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