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Law Revue

Tonight at the 40 Watt, is the annual law school talent show. I expect everyone who lives within 50 miles of athens to be there. Doors open at 7, and the show starts at 8. The professors have something planned as well I believe. I will be hosting this exciting event along with my classmates Christy Sanders and Kipp Knight. It is going to be a riot. I can’t promise to be that entertaining myself, but I think it will be a lot of fun. Please come, we have some really awesome costumes. Really awesome. Hot. See old Comments | See old Trackbacks

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Mysteries of life

How come, if my alarm is set for 8:15, I wake up wide awake at 7:30? And if when I wake up at 7:30, I curl back up into the covers with plans to doze for the next 45 minutes, I am incapable of getting up at 8:15 and end up hitting snooze for half an hour? I don’t even know if Clocky could help me with this.

How come there are certain people in my life that cause me to lose my ability to exercise reasonable judgment? Put another way, why do some boys make me crazy? I guess I should just be glad that they don’t all make me crazy.

How come the water pressure at my apartment is so terrible? Is there something they can do about that? On that note, why does the hot water in the girls bathroom at the law school (the one by the deans office) only come in two temperatures, scalding and boiling? Washing your hands is a great way to get second degree burns.

How come it was 45 degrees and raining yesterday and today it is sunny and suppose to be 80?

How come I am the only person in america that gets sunburned from riding around with the sunroof open in march?

Why did my dad think it was a good idea to put paint thinner on Bo, our dog, when he got into the green paint on saturday? This is a dog who gets a rash when we wash him with pantene.

How come it is so beautiful outside, and I have to be inside pretending to be productive?

I would ask how come I am late every where and how come I wait till the last minute to get anything done, but I was given the answer by my therapist friend Ivy the other day. She said that because I am ADHD, I wait until the last minute all the time and I am therefore late everywhere because if I am always in a rush, I am never bored. And the adrenaline is worth the stress. I thought this was quite profound, and I agree 100%. Learn something new every day.

p.s. I love how at chik-fil-a, the lemonade has a fat lemon with wings and a face, and the diet lemonade has a skinny lemon with wings and a face. Like little lemon angels. Also, I had the mini chik biscuits this morning, and they were okay. I thought they were like chicken nuggets in sister shubert biscuits.

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