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Tragic Footnote

Today’s events were both distressing and upsetting. My laptop, George, died (and/or is in a coma from which he may never awake). Because I care deeply for George, I got in my car and drove to augusta in order to have my dad’s computer people fix George (I didn’t feel comfortable taking him to strangers).

About halfway to Augusta, a funny thing happened. My battery light appeared on my dash. This distressed me a bit because I thought I might need gas before I got home, but I didn’t want to turn my car off if the battery was dead. I figured I would rather run out of gas close to augusta than have the battery die.

Then my power steering went out. This is scary. It is very difficult to turn the wheel of an SUV without the power steering, although it is easier when you are moving, much harder at slower speeds. My level of distress rose a bit, what if I needed to swerve? A quick glance at my cell phone told me that I couldn’t call anyone without service, so I might as well keep driving.

It was about half an hour before I was able to talk to the car people, and by this time I was on the interstate. They asked me if my car was overheated – and I realized that the temperature was at the top of the gage. The car man told me to pull over immediately, so I pulled off at the next exit and into a truck stop. He said my fan belt was probably broken and that driving with a broken fan belt will ruin an engine. He offered to call me a tow truck.

While waiting for the tow truck and for my mom I sat in my car and read my owners manual for my car. I learned in my owners manual that if your car is overheated (as mine was) that you should pull over and get out of the car and move away from the car, because the fluids in the engine could catch on fire and the car might explode. So I went inside to see if the truck stop sold sugar babies.

Tomorrow we will find out if my car is ruined and if George is going to ever wake up from his long sleep. I love you all.

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